Venus Lux

Jessie Kane and Venus Lux


My date with transboy Jessie Kane brings a new energy to a hot hookup. Making out on the bed, we're quick to rub and caress each others' crotches, feel the hot sensation of boots, chains and harnesses pressed against our bodies. Jessie reaches over to stroke my stiff trans cock and get a mouthful. I respond by lapping and licking at his swollen ftm clit while I pump my dick with a beautifully manicured hand. He pulls me up to give me a hard, sweet, manly kiss. Our horny, turned-on bodies grind into each others' hands as we pull closer. Jessie stands as I kneel before him to smell and taste his warm musky crack.

We switch places as he takes me to the depths of his throat, then pulls halfway out to run his tongue across the sensitive head. I need to feel my dick inside him, so Jessie crouches on all fours as I plow smoothly in. Gripping the sheets, he moans with pleasure as our bodies mesh together in a lusty, sex-driven machine. His front hole feels so tight and slick as I glide in and out. Jessie turns and our eyes lock for a second. I pump in hard as he meets every rough stroke with a flex of his muscular hips. So in sync, we can barely hold out long. Speeding up, I slam hard against him then pull out just in time to glaze his fuzzy pubes with a thick puddle of creamy juice. We caress each other and move in for one more sensuous kiss. Mmm, delicious!